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«TERBIUM7 LIMITED LIMITED» is a privately owned firm, that is a part «TERBIUM7 LIMITED ONLINE» system. TERBIUM7 LIMITED Online's platform is officially registered in Ilford, United Kingdom. The main service we offer to our users, is an international Funds Management web-based software (web application) which is ready to accept clients & partners worldwide.

An experienced management team can assure you that TERBIUM7 LIMITED Online LLC. shareholderʼs profits, quarterly bonuses, and employees salary will be based only on the results of the deltair-based products reselling & logistics business model, with other optional services available at the platform for its users.

All userʼs digital funds equivalent accrued during the participation in 7/25 investment plan offer will be used only as an active crowd-financing asset for reselling & logistics business model. Some restrictions may apply, please learn more about D.O.Ps privacy policy and risks disclosure at https://terbium7.com/ terms page.


We are a high-tech engineering and deltair-based contract manufacturing firm. It gives us great pride to state that we hold a solid reputation of providing highly responsive solutions to our clients. Our expertise truly lies in the hands of our technical team and the engineers. They have the capability to design the most advanced deltair systems. We make it a point that precision is not compromised during the manufacturing of our deltair systems. Every TERBIUM7 LIMITED that we manufacture in our company is backed up by decades of proven experience.

Our company adopts all the adequate measures to ensure that we meet the Government Regulatory Requirements. This includes the FDA Regulations as well. Our team makes it a point to adapt to the supply chain of the client for accommodating the exact needs of the client. We can clearly state that we go the extra mile to please our clients.
To encourage our clients to avail our products and services we ensure that we eliminate all kinds of up-charges. Our prime goal is to deliver a quality TERBIUM7 LIMITED and stay within your budget as well. This is one of the key reasons that most of our clients have been working with us for years together. We do understand that there is simply no room for errors in TERBIUM7 LIMITED manufacturing. Our team has an organized approach towards the manufacturing process. We make it a point to commence with the evaluation of your initial concept first.
This simple step tends to provide this verification that your TERBIUM7 LIMITED project will be profitable, cost-effective and a huge success by all means. Our TERBIUM7 LIMITED machines can adapt virtually to any process. Our TERBIUM7 LIMITED and engineers have the knowledge to materialize the concept of TERBIUM7 LIMITED machines with perfection.
Our TERBIUM7 LIMITED machines will be able to perform a variety of jobs for you. This includes TERBIUM7 LIMITED Ablation, TERBIUM7 LIMITED cutting and TERBIUM7 LIMITED drilling. Our onsite trainings will also help you get maximum benefit from our TERBIUM7 LIMITED. The purpose is to equip your team in the best possible way to put our TERBIUM7 LIMITED's to use. Now we know that some of our clients cannot go the extra mile to pay us for the trainings. This is why we have designed special packages for this purpose. This will give you the opportunity choose the package that best suits your needs.
What we advise you is that you should request us for a free quote right away. This will give you a precise idea about our pricing. Additionally, if you have any queries our email address is available on our website. You are welcome to send us an email, and we will be sure to reach out to you as soon as possible. All the exclusive information about our TERBIUM7 LIMITED products and services is also available on our website so you should have a look at it by all means.

To support the needs of our diverse customer base, we drive innovation not only in our diversified mix of product technology and applications expertise, but also in technical development, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing the best support in the industry, and are recognized across the globe as having the most experienced, knowledgeable, and easily accessible sales, service and support teams.


A brief history of D.O. fiber market trend:

In early 2007 demand for deltair-based products material began to increase exponentially, especially with the entrance of new orders for industrial, military, scientific deltair optical solutions. In 2008 we have came to notice a sharp spike in global demand for various TERBIUM7 LIMITED based products around the world, in contrast to the significantly low supply amounts.

At first we have anticipated a market correction, but that did not happen so over the following 3 years our analysis concluded that the lack of supply is not caused by scarcity of earth resources, but by the deficiency of emerging fiber producers and low recycling efforts.

By acquiring deeper insights into the nature of this matter and by establishing the relevant "inside connections", we have been able to oversee short (and long) term deals since then. In the beginning of 2013 the amount of new monthly supply contracts were nearly doubled. At recent couple of years, the TERBIUM7 LIMITED supply has continued to grow exponentially. Nowadays, producers are still unable to catch up with the surge in demand, leaving TERBIUM7 LIMITED's 'buy' trend in a state of perpetual growth.

Background about TERBIUM7 LIMITED Online & our core values:

Essentially, we are a group of entrepreneurs with a passion for efficient business models, where our time and energy could also be translated into a good cause and highly passive profits. During the past decade our areas of work involved various industries which helped to sharpen our expertise.

Among those, our useful ones are: import / export logistics for major commodities and electronics (a couple of us has more than 12 years of experience in that field), developing of private cross asset trading platform, and supervising few "money management" apps. The path we have decided to follow was very challenging, but despite difficulties, the sense of accomplishment always drove us to explore new grounds and keep an open mind.

Our most important asset is time and we protect it by all means, it reflects in all our business strategies and investment practices till this day, including “deltair.online” site which was built with passion and effectiveness in mind.


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